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There are many reasons why a person should choose Universal Medical Travel to advise and guide them in their medical travel process from beginning to end. Choosing the right doctor, procedure and destination is not an easy task for most people and there are many factors and risk involved in this decision. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose us. 

A.) We advise and help you choose a highly skilled, board certified surgeon with specialty accreditation, and safe hospitals that are accredited by the highest international standards

B.) We will assist you with arrangements for other travel related services that you will need during your medical tourism process such as flights, transportation, tours/sightseeing, visas/passports, lodging, etc. 

C.) We provide you with detailed information about the hospitals, the doctors, the destination of your preference, and the length of time you should remain at your chosen destination

D.) We safely handle the transfer of your medical information between you and the hospital according to medical privacy laws

E.) We help you to find the best doctors with affordable prices who will provide you with an approximate cost for your medical procedure

F.) We provide each client with accurate and timely information so they can make evidence and value-based medical decisions

G.) We help clients identify available financing options and help them to understand travel insurance and health insurance programs that are available 

H.) We are transparent about any claims or complaints about our company

I.) We will be in contact with each client and the hospital during the trip and do follow-ups after they return home until full recovery

Our mission at Universal Medical Travel is to facilitate your medical travel process by giving you access to high level, certified international doctors with transparent pricing. We will assign you to one of our Patient Care Coordinators who will guide you through your entire process and provide you with the resources you need for travel and lodging, complication insurance, financing options, and all the necessary tools to help you make the best decision for your healthcare needs

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