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South Korea is a country located in East Asia in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, between China and Japan. The official name of South Korea is called the Republic of Korea and the capital of the country is Seoul. The country’s landscape is filled with mountains and hills, many beautiful islands, and stunning beaches. The natural beauty and tranquil scenery of this country is the reason it has been given the well-deserved nickname, “The Land of Morning Calm.” South Korea is one of the world’s most developed and highly industrialized nations. High-technology industries such as automobiles, electronics, aerospace, bioengineering, and information technology has helped South Korea become an economically advanced country. South Korea has a highly developed economy that is the 4th biggest in Asia and the 10th largest by nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The unique, rich, traditional culture, delicious and healthy cuisine, high tech stores, advanced Healthcare System, and dynamic night life scenes are a few of the many reasons you should visit South Korea at least once in your lifetime. South Korea is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. The country currently has 7 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited healthcare facilities. South Korea currently tops the list of the best healthcare systems in the world! The quality of healthcare in South Korea has been ranked as being among the world’s best. Healthcare in South Korea is very affordable, highly advanced, and efficient. The South Korean government continuously monitors the quality of care provided to medical tourist through strict evaluation programs and hospital accreditation to ensure patient safety comes first. If you choose South Korea as the destination for your medical procedure, you will definitely receive the highest quality of healthcare available in the world.

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