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Colombia is a country in the Northwestern part of South America. Colombia has a nickname called “the gateway to South America” because it sits in a part of the continent where South America connects to Central and North America. It has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world and is the fifth largest country in Latin America. Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth. This land is filled with rich natural resources, huge snow-covered mountains and volcanoes in the Andes, vast grasslands, deserts, amazon rain forests, tropical beaches, islands, and coastlines along both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Colombia is an ideal destination for medical tourism. According to the World Healthcare Organization, Colombia has the best healthcare system in all South America. Cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, and bariatric procedures are very popular in Colombia. Colombia offers high quality healthcare at considerably low, affordable costs. Colombia currently has 5 hospitals that have received the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, which is the highest possible accreditation for a hospital anywhere in the world. If you choose Colombia as the destination for your medical procedure, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the many fascinating cities, the culture and cuisine, stunning national parks, idyllic beaches, and many other things you can explore before you depart.

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