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India is a country located in South Asia and is officially known as the Republic of India. The government of India is a Parliamentary Republic. The country has the world’s second largest population with over 1.4 billion people, and has the world’s largest democracy. India borders the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalaya in the North, the Arabian Sea in the West, the Bay of Bengal in the East, and the Laccadive Sea in the South. India borders the countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. It also shares maritime borders (a border that is formed by the sea) with Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The primary official language of India is Hindi which is spoken by 44% of the entire Indian population. English is the second official language of India which was mandated by the Constitution of India. India is an astonishing country with an incredible variety of things to do that will leave you with memorable experiences. There is so much thrill and adventure that awaits you such as the ski resort of Uttarakhand, a wildlife safari in Jaipur, the beaches of Goa, or hiking in the Himalayas just to name a few. India also has several religious sites and innumerable spiritual landmarks for spiritual seekers who wish to experience inner peace. The country currently has 41 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited healthcare facilities. India has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism and is now considered one of the top medical travel destinations in the world. India is an ideal destination for medical tourist because of the abundance of highly skilled doctors, advanced facilities, and low-cost treatments. The healthcare industry in India offers a combination of both modern and traditional forms of medicine which sets the country apart from others. India has an alternative, traditional, medical system called “AYUSH” which is an acronym for: Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. These medical treatments, which are among the most ancient methods in the world, are now gaining immense popularity worldwide. If you choose India as the destination of your choice for your medical procedure, you will receive high quality medical services from some of the most qualified medical professionals in the world, low-cost treatments, and the availability of the latest medical technology. The diversity of people, amazing culture, delicious cuisine, the history and architecture, and the many famous attractions makes India one of the top tourist destinations in the world!

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