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Aster Hospitals is a division of Aster DM Healthcare, which is a prominent and rapidly expanding conglomerate in the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region. Aster DM Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services and has an extensive portfolio that encompasses 26 hospitals, 115 clinics, diagnostic centers, and 225 retail pharmacies. Aster DM Healthcare hospitals include Aster Hospitals and MedCare Hospital.

Aster hospitals are highly recognized hospital network that is easily becoming one of the top private hospitals in Dubai spread across many locations across Dubai including Aster Hospital in Mankhool, Aster Hospital in Al-Qusais, Aster Hospital in Sharjah, Aster Cedars Hospital and Clinic in Jabal Ali, Aster Hospital in Muhaisanah and Aster Day Surgery Center in Mankhool.

Aster Hospital is accredited by Accreditation Canada with the Diamond Level Accreditation Status. This accreditation covers three Aster Hospital units located in Mankhool and Qusais and Aster Day Surgery Center in Mankhool. Aster Hospital in Mankhool was awarded the “Dubai Quality Appreciation Award” which recognizes the hospital’s initiatives in implementing collaborative models that offer innovative solutions to patients and enhance the quality of care provided.

Aster Hospitals have a wide range of specialties including:

  • Advanced Heart Clinic
  • Anesthesia
  • Audiology and Speech Therapy
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • Endometriosis
  • ENT
  • Family Medicine
  • Fibroid
  • Gastroenterology And Hepatology
  • General And Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Laparoscopic Gynecology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Pediatrics and Neonatology
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Urology

There doctors in the hospitals are highly skilled specialists with years of experience and expertise in highly specialized procedures. Also, the doctors have multiple nationalities and can speak multiple languages facilitating the communication with their patients.

The range of languages the doctors speak include:

  • Arabic
  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • English
  • Farzi
  • German
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Kashmiri
  • Konkani
  • Malayalam
  • Mandarin
  • Manipuri
  • Marathi
  • Nagamese
  • Nepalese
  • Odia
  • Pashtu
  • Persian
  • Portuguese
  • Punjabi
  • Russian 
  • Sindhi
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Tulu
  • Turkish
  • Urdu

The Facilities Available:

  • Emergency Services

The emergency services provide efficient and immediate medical attention by combining skilled professionals and advanced technology. The highly trained medical staff offers comprehensive services, including diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions. The emergency rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and calming environment, with beds separated and curtained for privacy. The 24-hour pharmacy supports the department. They are among the top emergency service providers in Dubai, with critical care doctors offering around-the-clock care.

  • ICU (Intensive care Unit) 

The ICUs at Aster Hospital provide specialized and evidence-based care to critically ill patients. The ICU team is composed of experts and emergency medical care specialists who deliver care through a collaborative approach. The ICU facilities have advanced technical and clinical support, and the staff is trained in critical care. The ICUs treat various serious medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and vehicular trauma. The team works closely with other specialists to provide high-quality and safe critical care across the hospital.

  • Orthopedic:

Their expertise lies in accurately diagnosing patients’ disorders and providing treatment plans that may include medication, surgery, physical therapy, or rehabilitation as needed. Additionally, they offer preventive plans to ensure comprehensive care for our patients.

Specialize in:

  • General Orthopedics
  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Advanced Trauma & Fracture Management
  • Spine Surgery
  • Muscular Pain Treatments
  • Infected/Septic Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis – Age-Related
  • Centre Of Excellence in Total Knee Replacement
  • Hospital Rooms

There are both private deluxe rooms and twin sharing rooms, they are assigned as per the availability, average hospital stay, and each patient’s medical needs:

  • Twin Sharing Rooms

A spacious room that can be shared by two patients. Well separated for complete privacy, each section has a cardiac table, a bedside locker, a bystander’s cot, and a chair.

  • Deluxe Rooms

Large, clutter-free rooms with sitting and dining areas, and television.

  • Operation Theatre

Our Operating Rooms are equipped with advanced technology, including imaging, videos, and medical reports. At Aster Hospital, our operation theater is staffed by a team of top surgeons and doctors who work diligently to provide comprehensive care in our digitally integrated ORI Fusion Operating Theatres. This integration allows for virtual participation, enabling close monitoring of patients without invasive procedures. This method has proven to be highly beneficial and safe for patients undergoing surgery.

  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab

In this specialized facility, a range of services is offered to patients with different heart conditions, including cutting-edge technology for addressing cardiac emergencies. These services encompass diagnostic procedures like heart angiograms and examinations of other blood vessels in the body. The cardiologists employ innovative techniques and digitally integrated processes to enhance treatment capabilities and minimize risks.

Services available:

  • State-of-the-art cardiac Cath lab
  • Heart command center – Coronary Care Unit (24 x7)
  • Coronary angiography
  • Coronary angioplasty
  • Peripheral angiography
  • Peripheral angioplasty
  • Pacemaker and other rhythm device implantation
  • Pharmacy

open 24/7, ensuring that the patient’s companions do not need to worry about finding medications during late hours and that there are no treatment delays due to unavailability of medicines. The pharmacy offers a comprehensive range of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamin supplements, and other pharmaceutical products, serving as a one-stop shop for all your medication needs.

  • Aster Integrated Liver Clinic

It offers expert services for comprehensive management of complex liver and pancreatic-biliary diseases in both adults and children.

The Aster ILC team comprises highly trained consultants with extensive experience in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries and liver transplants. They have received training at top hospitals in the US, Canada, and the UK. The team consists of various specialists, including surgeons, hepatologists, endoscopy experts, radiologists, and pathologists. They provide evidence-based and customized multidisciplinary care to patients with complex medical conditions.

Patients suffering from the following conditions can seek an opinion:

  • Chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Recurrent jaundice
  • Abnormal liver function tests
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Autoimmune liver disease
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Liver, pancreatic, and bile duct cancers
  • Patients considering liver transplantation
  • Pancreatic diseases – pancreatitis, pancreas cancer, neuroendocrine tumors
  • Newborns, infants, and children with jaundice and liver disease
  • Post liver transplant patients for regular follow-up
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) Clinic

The doctors are always available to provide personalized care and attention. They offer a wide range of diagnostic tests for the treatment of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It is important to take proper care as complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease can arise if not managed effectively.

  • GERD Clinic

The medical team consists of gastroenterologists specializing in digestive diseases and thoracic surgeons focusing on chest-related conditions. They collaborate closely to always provide you with exceptional medical care.

The facilities available in each location of Aster Hospitals:

Aster Hospital in Mankhool
  • Cath Lab 5 
  • extensively equipped
  • Operating Theatres
  • 6 semi-private rooms Single rooms
  • 67 IP rooms
  • 6 VIP rooms 
  • 5 CICU Beds 
  • Day Surgery Unit 
  • Dialysis Unit 
  • 5 Intensive Care Units (ICU), including an Isolation unit 
  • Labor room and delivery suites 
  • 8 Neonatal ICU beds, including an Isolation unit 
  • Baby Nursery
Aster Hospital in Al-Qusais
  • Cath lab
  • 84 IP Rooms (6 VIP suites/ 69 private rooms/
  • 9 deluxe rooms)
  • 5 Modular super-specialty OTs
  • 10 ICU beds
  • 9 NICU beds
  • 24×7 emergency care with 10 beds
  • 24×7 IP and OP Pharmacy
  • Day Care Unit with 10 beds
  • Well-equipped labor complex (4 birthing suites/
  • 1 labor OT, 7 pre & post-delivery beds)
Aster Hospital in Sharjah
  • 100 beds
  • 4 Operation Theatres, including a separate OT for
  • women with the most advanced technology
  • Suite, deluxe, private, and semi-private rooms
  • 7 NICU beds
  • 2 beds for Labor, Delivery, and Recovery
  • A critical care unit comprising 7 beds
  • Day Care Unit with 9 beds
  • 24-Hour Emergency Care
  • 24×7 Pharmacy
Aster Cedars Hospital and Clinic in Jabal Ali 
  • 22 beds
  • 24-Hour Emergency Care
  • 24×7 Pharmacy
  • 2 Operation Theatres
  • Radiology Services (MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray)
  • Laboratory
  • Physiotherapy
  • 2 Intensive Care Units
  • In-patient services with Private Rooms
Aster Hospital in Muhaisanah
  • 2 fully equipped Operation Theatres
  • 2 ICU Beds
  • 10 Beds for Day Surgery Unit
  • 15 Beds for Inpatient Department
  • 15 Beds for Outpatient Department for Consultations
  • 4 Emergency / Observation beds
  • 5 Treatment Rooms
  • 24×7 Pharmacy
  • 24×7 PCR Collection
  • Radiology (X-RAY and USG)
  • Parking Facility
  • 24×7 Emergency
Aster Day Surgery Center in Mankhool.
  • Plastic Surgery
  • ENT Procedures
  • General Surgery
  • Urological Procedures
  • Ophthalmology Procedures
  • Orthopedic Procedures
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Aster Hospitals offer packages for certain cases including:

  • Preventive Health Check Packages:

Aster Hospitals offers comprehensive health check packages that include pathological and radiological investigations. Detect risk factors at an early stage by choosing one of the packages available:

  • ASTER Diabetic Health Screening Package
  • ASTER Basic Health Screening Package
  • ASTER Cardiac Health Screening Package
  • ASTER Executive Health Screening Package (Men under 40 Years)
  • ASTER Executive Health Screening Package (Women under 40 Years)
  • ASTER Comprehensive Health Screening Package (Women above 40 Years)
  • ASTER Comprehensive Health Screening Package (Men above 40 Years)

Estimated costs for some procedures:

Name of Surgical ProcedureCost Estimate
# Conditions Apply. Some prices above are exclusively for patients with flight times of greater than 5 hours from Dubai.

Insurance Coverage:









Premium PLUS

Premium Plus

Alico MetLife Insurance

  • Daman National Health Insurance Company
  • ACE Insurance
  • Al-Buhaira National Insurance Co.
  • Interglobal
  • NGI
  • National Life and General Insurance 

Information for the Patients and Relatives:

  • Planned Visits:

For all planned cases, The Customer service executive shall inform you a day prior about date and time of arrival. Please carry your ID, all available medical reports and insurance card for the admission process.

  • Visitation Policy:

Patients are allowed to choose their visitors, regardless of their relationship. However, visitation may be restricted for safety reasons. Health facilities cannot refuse visitors based on factors such as race, religion, or disability

  • Age of visitors:

The hospital allows children up to 16 years of age with an adult (at least 18 years old) supervision only.

  • Visitors Health:

It is recommended that if you are experiencing symptoms of sickness such as fever or flu, you should avoid going to the hospital for a visit.

  • Number of Visitors:

At most 2 visitors are allowed at a given time

  • Overnight stay for visitors:

Only one visitor is allowed to stay overnight with the patient

  • Car Parking

The charge per hour is 20 AED. Ticket can be collected from security at basement 1.

  • Accommodation

The hotel offers three types of rooms: Deluxe, Single and Twin Sharing. All the rooms come equipped with end-suite bathrooms, telephones, mini-fridges, and multi-channel satellite television. Additionally, all the rooms have a sofa bed that can be used for an overnight stay to accommodate an extra person.

  • Facilities and Amenities

The hospitals have a coffee shop and gift shop available for visitors and patients to purchase meals or gifts. They also provide free Wi-Fi access and televisions in patient rooms and waiting areas.

  • Surgical Family Lounges
  • Visiting Hours

Wards- Saturday to Thursday- 10 AM to 12 PM, 6 PM to 8 PM Friday- 10 AM to 8 PM. ICU- Morning 7-8 AM Evening 6-7 PM 

  • Pets

No animals are permitted to enter the hospital premises.

  • Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.

  • Meals

Meals are a part of the room charge and are available with a diverse range of Arabic, Asian, and Continental varieties through the hospital’s nutrition and dietary service. They can accommodate vegetarians and those with special diets as per physician’s orders. OLIVE Diner or Breathe Cafe offers meals and refreshments for visitors as well.

  • Belongings & Personal Requisites

The hospital offers dressing gowns, bedroom slippers, and toiletries to patients. The hospital is monitored by CCTV cameras. Nonetheless, it is advised to patients to either leave their valuables and jewelry at home or entrust them with their families.

  • Interpreter Service

Is available for 14 different languages.

  • Payment Terms

Patients who pay for medical expenses themselves must pay using cash or a credit card for any costs not covered by insurance. Aster Hospital is affiliated with major insurance companies, including Dubai Insurance, Amity, NowHealth, and others listed, but any expenses not covered by the insurance plan must also be settled by cash or credit card.

  • Discharge Process

Relatives of patients are asked to organize transportation, money, and regular clothes for the scheduled day of release. The patient will receive a summary of their release, guidance, and prescriptions, including follow-up dates. Discharging patients usually requires three hours or less from when the doctor confirms they may leave.


Aster Hospitals is committed to keeping patients safe by strictly adhering to the highest safety standards and following protocols mandated by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and WHO (world Health Organization).

  • Screening for All

Before entering the hospital premises, all employees and patients must undergo thermal screening. 

  • Masks for Everyone

All patients, attendants, doctors, and hospital staff are required to wear a mask that fully covers both the nose and mouth. 

  • Sanitized Facility

To maintain a safe and virus-free environment, they consistently sanitize both the medical equipment and the facility. 

  • Worry-free treatment

In waiting and public areas, everyone must follow the guidelines for social distancing 

Accommodations for International Patients:

The Hospitals are partnered with area hotels and serviced apartments to offer discounted rates to patients

Special Services for international Patients:

  • Providing treatment plan
  • Virtual consultation with the Doctor
  • Issuing Medical visa invitation letter to the embassy, assistance
  • Pre boarding formalities
  • On arrival formalities – Airport pick up, food, accommodation, call card, currency exchange, wire transfer, insurance coordination, OPD (outpatient department), IPD (inpatient department), Diagnostic tests
  • Dubai Tourism (If requested)
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop off

International Patients What to Bring:

  • Personal documents such as passport, ID card.
  • Medical records, including your physician’s reports, and diagnostic test/scan reports if any.
  • Medications in original packaging.
  • Credit cards and cash in the local currency.
  • Mobile phone with charger; converters if needed.
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for medical procedures, i.e., front button shirts if having shoulder surgery.
  • Luggage that can easily roll

Please submit a contact form if you would like to receive a free quote for any medical procedure or a free phone call so you can speak with a patient care coordinator who will plan, coordinate, and manage every step of your medical tourism trip from beginning to end. 

The services that we provide to facilitate your medical tourism process are free of charge. There are no additional fees added to the cost of your medical procedure for our services. Our main objectives are to make sure you receive the highest level of healthcare services at an affordable cost, and to ensure a successful outcome and a happy patient!

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